Battery Information

Battery information for products we sell

Many of our products include batteries where possible.   

We are going to start using the following icon on product pages to identify when a product includes a battery

      batteries requiredPRODUCT REQUIRES A BATTERY

Common batteries found in our e-cig range are 18650 cells and the quality can vary greatly from brand to brand.
Just like anything there is many 'copies' in the market so buyer beware and do your research buy quality brands from a reputable source

18650's infront of the SMOK xCube 2

Lithium Battery Chargers (for the 18650 cells)
While many e-cig actually include the feature to charger your mod via internal micro usb port it's very limited.

Bongsmart recomend you source a quality external charger if your serious about vaping and use multiple batteries.

Both XTAR and Nitecore have local distributors which means they have good market presence.

18650 sells are used heavily in the performance flash light industry and these companies are market leaders.

xtar company logo

XTAR make quality lithium batter chargers

The MC1 is a good entry level affordable unit able to charge from a standard 500ma Micro USB port

nitecore d2 charger
Nitecore smart chargers are automatic, adaptive and efficient gadgets compatible with wall/car adapter, USB cable or solar panel. You can power your electronic devices at home, in a car, anywhere anytime.