It’s already that time of year again. Time to pull some cash together and buy nice things for the people in our lives. You’ve got your family’s presents down, but what are you getting your stoner friend? Luckily, we’ve strung together our best Christmas gift ideas that your stoner friend will absolutely adore. The best bit? You won’t spend more than $35 on these honeys.  


  1. Joint Rolling Pack ($29)

Sometimes you just can’t beat a simple joint, but there’s nothing worse than firing up with dodgy papers. Make sure your stoner bud has all the best ingredients for a killer kush sesh. For just $29, this joint rolling pack provides everything but the lighter. With three premium, unrefined rolling papers, grinder, ashtray, roller and case, you’ll be in your mate’s good books for sure after getting them this stellar joint rolling pack.

Price: $29

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  1. Bong Starter Pack ($29)

Your mate probably already has a bong they adore, so why not get them something useful they’ll really appreciate? Our Bong Starter Pack comes with everything needed to keep even the most used bongs in great shape. Featuring the acclaimed Original Formula 420 Cleaner, laser cut grinder, 3-piece brush set and organic hemp wick, it’s the perfect stoner gift.

Price: $29

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  1. MWP Rainbow Bent Glass Bubble (18.5cm) ($34.95)

Everything’s cooler in a trippy rainbow design and this neat little bong proves that. With durable, frosted Pyrex glass and its classic bubble design, this piece screams fun times. MWP’s Rainbow Bent Glass Bubble bong is guaranteed to make the perfect addition to your mate’s collection.

Price: $34.95

Buy MWP Rainbow Bent Glass Bubble


  1. 3-Piece Gold Bar Muller ($10)

It’s nice, grippy feel and super sharp teeth make this 3-piece Gold Bar Muller the perfect gift for your stoner friend. Featuring a micro mesh pollen screen and separate collection chamber, this durable god of a grinder does the job perfectly every time.

Price: $10

Buy Gold Bar Muller 3 Piece


  1. Gift Packs ($29 and under)

Still can’t decide what to get your stoner friend for Christmas? Take the safe route and choose from our selection of gift packs. With a variety of different designs available, you’re sure to find something here that your mate will love.

Price: $29 and under

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Think you know what’ll make the best stoner gift this Christmas? Let us know in the comments.

October 27, 2017 by BM Admin

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