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Showerheads, Gridlines, Honeycombs. If you’ve ever searched for a bong, you’re sure to have come across these types of percolators. But the list doesn’t just stop there; there are tonnes of different types available, each with its own distinct difference. So, what are percolators and how do they affect your smoking experience?

How do they work?

Essentially filters, percolators work through ‘dissolution’. As the smoke passes through the holes of the perc, it breaks up into smaller pieces. The smoke can then be cooled more easily as the water it passes through has less surface area to cool. Recyclers offer optimum cooling, as the smoke continually passes through water and has little exposure to air.

How does it affect you?

Generally, the more your smoke is filtered, the smooth and cooler your hit will be. Selecting a perc with multiple holes, like a fritted disk, will offer optimum filtration, as the smoke is combusted into tiny fragments and spread evenly through the water to cool. This provides the smoker with a smoother, less harsh feeling on the throat and allows them to taste the smoke on the inhale.

The downside

One minor downside to using percolators is that the added filters the smoke and water pass through make it more difficult to inhale smoothly, causing what is known as ‘drag’. So, for example, a honeycomb perc will have more drag than a cyclone perc, as it has more holes. Yet, a cyclone perc will have more drag than a basic pipe. The cooling and filtration gained by using a perc, however, far outweigh the minor negative of having to use extra suction and heavier draws.


October 04, 2017 by James Tseng

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