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We’ve come a long way since the first discovery of fire, so why are we still lighting up with dated disposables and messing around with refillables?

Arc lighters, or plasma lighters, are a flameless and windproof alternative to traditional alternatives. There are two types of arc lighters:

  • Single arc


  • Dual arc


They work by producing an electric arc between two conductors at the end of the lighter. As a result, this creates plasma. You can literally harness the power of the sun with these things with the click of a button.

Do you own an arc lighter? You’ll want one after reading this. Here are six reasons why arc lighters are awesome:


You’ll save a tonne of money by buying an arc lighter. Disposables are always good to have around. But the amount a person can go through in their lifetime is a bit ridiculous. Having an arc lighter will save you buying tonnes of cheap disposables, lighter fluid or butane. There are a few higher-end arc lighters out there, although most are pretty affordable.


After cutting down on the amount of Bics you’re buying and ditching the toxic gases and lighter fluids, you’ll be making a positive move for the environment. Every day, a whopping 6 million lighters are purchased by consumers globally. Cutting back that number even slightly is going to make a difference.


You might look at them and think ‘hazard’, but arc lighters are generally really safe and pretty much weatherproof. They’re fitted with safety features, with most restricting power to the electrodes unless the lid is open. That means no accidental ‘pocket-dials’, which, trust me, you don’t want.

It’s safe, yes, but that doesn’t mean you should go sticking your fingers in it. If you do manage to touch the arc, like these guys did, the current would only produce a very mild zap for a brief second. It’d be no different from what you’d feel touching a lighter flame for a second.


Why should fun designs be reserved for disposables? Thankfully, arc lighters are both functional and stylish. Nice design + electric arc? You’d better keep an eye on your new lighter around your mates. As if these things weren’t cool enough.


Arc lighters are easy to use. They’re also compact and light enough to carry around anywhere. They can light up to around 100 times before needing to be charged. Recharging is simple, too. The internal battery is charged via a USB cable and can take as little as 30 minutes to charge fully.


The best thing about arc lighters, besides the fact that they light stuff? They’re so much fun. You’ll love lighting up just to see the arc of light. Plus, they’ll definitely be a talking point among others. Don’t be surprised if your new shiny arc lighter mysteriously vanishes…

Are there any downsides?

Of course, everything has its flaws. If I had to find something wrong with the arc lighter, it’s the fact that its design can make it difficult to light things out of the arc’s path, like bowls. Luckily, hemp wick easily solves that issue. Just light the wick and use that to light your bowl.

Affordable, economical, safe, stylish, easy and fun. What more could you want in a lighter? Check out our collection of arc lighters today.


November 28, 2017 by BM Admin

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